In May 2018 Ofsted said we are Outstanding. We were, again, thrilled. This is the 4th time the Nursery School has been rated as Outstanding.

You can read our full report here: Ofsted Report May 2018

Summary of Ofsted Report:

  • There has been no complacency since the last inspection.
  • The quality of teaching and learning is exceptional.
  • Not a single moment of learning time is lost throughout the day.
  • Interactions with children are of the highest quality. As a result, children flourish and rapidly become independent learners.
  • Delightful relationships exist between children and between children and staff.
  • Children are happy, confident and play well together.
  • Children are given regular opportunities to reflect on what they are learning to do. As a result, children are confident when talking about what they are doing and why. Learning journals provide additional reflections on learning.
  • Safeguarding is effective.
  • You have continued to further develop and build upon the high-quality provision.
  • You provide strong leadership and are determined that every child will succeed.
  • You continually raise expectations and look to develop best practice. You have created a strong team of staff who focus on ‘all of the children, all of the time’. They share your vision and ambition for the children in their care. Working together, you all strive to ensure that each child has the best possible learning experience.
  • Governance has strengthened considerably since the last inspection. Governors monitor key aspects of the school’s performance rigorously.

We are always aiming to improve. Here is our School Improvement Plan  so you can see how we are working to be even better
SEF Summary Castle Vale

Ofsted has asked us to think about two things. Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • The school continues to be a centre of good practice that shares its expertise with other settings
  • Find out more about our Wider reach here: Our Wider reach
  • remaining gaps in the achievement of different groups of children, including between boys and girls, and between disadvantaged children and other children, are closed.

We will continue to work hard towards these targets. You can also read: What we have been doing since our last inspection

Castle Vale Nursery School