Concerned about a child?

Safeguarding is everyone’s business

If you are worried about a vulnerable child or adult -you can call 0121 303 1888 or click on the link below:

Or call the police.

If you are worried about a child being exploited -you can visit the child exploitation website by following this link to  CEOP

You can make an anonymous referral or speak to an advisor at

Never do nothing

We have four staff who are designated senior leads for safeguarding. You can come and talk to any of us:



TEL 0121 675 0637 or 0121 675 7578 or  or

What do we do?

All our staff are regularly trained in Safeguarding and understand their role and responsibility within this.

We follow the principle of:

Never do nothing

We use Right Help, Right Time Guidance to assess family needs from Universal Needs (what every child and family should access) to Complex/Significant Needs where a family will need the support of statutory social work intervention or highly specialist services to prevent significant harm to or serious risks to a child’s

health, or welfare. For more information about Right HeRHRT Front Coverlp, Right Time go to 

For more information about what we do please read: Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

All our staff and governors know and follow the guidance in this latest document – Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018: Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018

All staff and governors are trained in Prevent.