Forest School

Making a difference. All of our children, all of the time.

Forest School

Forest School is something that we are passionate about. We have a fully qualified
member of staff, Gill Collett, and have continued to team up with the Community Environmental Trust (based on Castle Vale), who support our Forest
School provision.

We are using our EYPP funding to continue having Ben from Community Environmental Trust, which means that all our children will continue to benefit from
having access to Forest School every week, which they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

We are very privileged to be able to offer Forest School every week, as not many other
provisions are in a position to. Forest School provides children with the opportunity to
learn in an outdoor environment where they have the right to play, the right to have
access outdoors, the right to access managed risk, and the right to build resilience.

It should be a long-term process of frequent and regular sessions, which is why we highly
value our weekly sessions. There is lots of evidence to show that Forest School helps
children to develop their communication and social skills, self-esteem, independence
and physical development, all of which form the prime areas of learning.